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SPAA Committee's


The Hubbard County Fair is run and planned by the Shell Prairie Agricultural Assocation. It's board is made up of 16 members. Recently we implemented a committee structure. This allows anyone to help out with the fair while also having a vote and a voice at these committee meetings. If you are interested in helping out at the fair please contact one of our committee's below.


Purpose: Responsible for advertising the Fair, Website Development, and Off Season Advertising.

Chairperson: Chad Mathison  218-252-8739

Secretary: Kathryn Branson 218-252-1392

Member:  Candy Parks

Ground Maintenance

Purpose: Responsible for all maintenance on the grounds.

Chairperson: Tim Hensel 218-252-0555

Secretary: Russ Smith  218-252-0264

Member:  Colleen Taylor

Member: Jim Taylor

Member: Terry Kimball

Fair Concessions

Purpose: Responsible for the concessions run by the Fair Board.

Chairperson: Burt Hill 218-252-5643

Secretary: Candy Parks 218-252-8573

Member:  Kathryn Branson

Arena Entertainment

Purpose: Responsible for all shows during the Fair in the Grandstand Arena

Chairperson: Chad Mathison 218-252-8739

Secretary: Russ Smith 218-252-0264

Member: Tim Hensel

Open Class

Purpose: Responsible for planning and running the Open Class Competition

Chairperson: Colleen Taylor 218-255-3371

Secretary: Sheila Ronnebaum

Member: Tasha Smith

Misc. Entertainment

Purpose: Responsible for any shows or amusements on the grounds during the Fair.

Chairperson: Burt Hill 218-252-5643

Secretary: Colleen Taylor 218-255-3371

Member:  Kaaren Mikus

Member: Sheila Ronnebaum

Stage and Sound

Purpose: Responsible for all sound equipment on the Fairgrounds and the Bandshell.

Chairperson: Russ Smith 218-252-0264

Secretary: Terry Kimball

Member: Chad Mathison


Set up and Clean up

Purpose: Responsible for set up and clean up before and after the Fair.

Member:  Terry Kimball

Member: Russ Smith


Purpose: Responsible for all rentals of the grounds, Fair vendors, and Boat Storage


Secretary: Chad Mathison 218-252-8739


Purpose: Responsible for all safety and security of the grounds.

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